Rubber Tube 16mm

Rubber Tube 16mm
Rubber Tube 16mm
Rubber Tube 16mm
Rubber Tube 16mmRubber Tube 16mmRubber Tube 16mm

Through the method of the CO-extrusion of the materials, we can merge the advantages of two different types of membranes: food certification and maximum resistance to external aggressions.

The inner wall of the tube, certified for food, allows the passage of the milk in maximum security without the release of substances hazardous to human health. The outer wall, which is designed, carries responsibility is to protect the pipe from the attack of all those elements, and not only organic, which can be found in a hostile environment like the milking parlor.

This optimization of the performance of the tube is fully compliant to the food regulation BfR (European) and FDA (American).

The technical specifications of the materials that make up the pipe, consent use even in extreme temperatures from -25C ° to + 110C °.

Product Features:

• Meets food BfR (European) and FDA (US)
• resistant to acid attacks milk
• Flexible and elastic
• Resistant to high and low temperatures

Available in lengths or coils

SurePulse MilkTube 16mmID 1220 length
Price: $19.50 Incl. gst
SurePulse MilkTube 16mmID Coil 18.5mtrs
Price: $297.85 Incl. gst

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